Escher and the Droste effect


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Mohamed Ali2019-10-05 23:43:03
محتوي رائع اتمني الأتصل مع موئسسي الموقع

Emmanuel2019-09-01 18:41:57
Great stuff, glad to be in history

Gerald2019-06-03 19:10:35
Hilarious ! Thank you for the good work and fine explanations.

Kerry McNeil2019-04-19 21:06:48
Wow... just wow

Fredrick Page2019-03-06 23:22:47
Thank you. WOnderful

Ben2019-02-26 18:32:02
What a wonderful project!

Gerrard2019-02-01 11:24:58
Awesome, danke.

Franciscus2019-01-23 14:32:06
Mooie site. Bedankt!

John Cartan2018-12-15 04:31:26
Nice work! And I am delighted to see an old-style guestbook again.

Sanath PC2018-03-23 06:49:11
I really loved the way concept is explained and illustrated. Fantastic job.

hans hamerling2018-02-01 20:30:33
very, very, very etc.,clever!!!!!!!!

Nathan Myron2018-01-31 16:46:38
Great work!

juan carlos perez mtz2018-01-02 15:49:27

Gioacchino Riccardo Volpe2017-11-28 01:22:32
Thank You. Kind Regards

Claudio Sansoni2017-10-12 14:35:56
very good

Adelthy2017-09-17 22:08:09
Thank you a lot

Pieter Fleury2016-09-17 12:48:11
Great work, inspiring spirals!

P. W.T. Ruigrok2016-08-13 22:42:13
Zijn werk is een toonbeeld van creativiteit. Ieder die nadenkt hoe hij dit repeatig beeld heeft gemaakt, zoekt maar zal het maar moeilijk vinden

P Ruigrok2016-08-13 22:38:58
His work is magic

JEG2016-07-07 20:04:49
Love MCE!! -JEG- 7.7.16

David Lane2016-06-29 14:17:09
Great work. Thanks.

Enrique Rodríguez Yebra2016-06-17 11:46:36
Me gustaba más antes pero es un buen trabajo

Helen Fossas2015-10-04 19:32:45
Hi, Wonderful screen saver,have always rated Escher.I am using it on OSX El Capitan,works like a charm.Thank you so much for your efforts,a labour of love,the giver should always be thankful.

van der smit-korbee klazina2015-09-03 20:34:56
Bas van der Smit, Rotterdams beeldend kunstenaar, (1915-1996), had de litho "Drie Werelden" in bezit. Eschers intrigerend werk heeft mijn man erg beinvloed (etsen).

Jos Jacobs2015-08-11 20:31:39
no message

skoville2015-06-25 19:40:16
What a royal bummer to have to reinstall older programs to use this. What a waste of time.

Fanny Abregú2015-06-20 11:14:17
Hola: Estoy escribiendo un libro sobre los recursos de la narrativa postmoderna. No pude evitar el efecto Droste y Escher al hablar de la mise en abyme

Khaled2015-02-12 18:18:43
Excellent work guys !!! just wonderful

Claudio Nizzoli2015-02-04 14:03:29
Good Morning, My name is Claudio Nizzoli, I collaborate with Federico Giudiceandrea (the biggest european prive collector of MC Escher´s works). We are organizing Escher shows in Italy and in the future out of the country. We ask the permission to reproduce the video about the drought effect. KR Claudio Nizzoli

Bart2015-01-23 16:02:11
Bedankt voor de uitgebreide uiteenzetting van deze studie. Ik ben erg gefascineerd door de verborgen herhaling in de prentententoonstelling. Ik vraag me af, ik ben al een tijdje op zoek naar een afdruk/poster van dit werk zonder de witte signering in het midden, oftewel de ingevulde versie. Zijn deze uiteindelijk ook verkrijgbaar?

Ali Jaya Meilio2015-01-14 14:20:49
Great work guys... :D Much appreciated.

Wei-Tse Lin2015-01-08 14:52:42
Very nice website! Thanks very much.

Claire Denise Garrard2014-12-26 04:11:48
Fascinating. Thanks so much for this site.

Jurrien & Elza2014-12-11 13:47:44
hey, we gaan sws het eschermuseum bezoeken na het bekijken van dit meesterwerk. groetjes Elza & Jurrien

Joseph2014-08-02 17:01:33
Prachtig wiskundig in elkaar gezet door Escher. Echt n kunstenaar.

james2014-05-25 21:00:57
Timeless, no from before time. OK a dimension in addition to all others including time.

Philip Allin2014-02-21 04:22:07
Thanks for this site. I have completed 20 woodcarvings based on Escher designs.

Livio Scalmati2014-02-09 22:27:12
Very interesting. I visited toady 9 Feb 2014 the Reggio Emila Escher show collection in the Museum.

Wouter van Nifterick2013-12-16 04:38:12
It was great fun exploring the contents of this site. Thanks for that. Make sure to check out Reinder s awesome realtime implementation of the discussed transformations (mentioned below)

Daniel Maier2013-11-21 22:04:54
Great, thank you !

Klas Krantz2013-10-06 21:33:07

rjanwender2013-07-05 08:16:58
the ratio six to five Mr. Escher draws contains beauty. The center reflects an infonate impossability. I often wonder when his creations inspires appreciation as the true work of art it is; was it for himself or others? Mr Escher can motivate beyond 1 2 3 4 five VI dimentions

rjanwender2013-07-05 07:08:44

Jagoda Cristina2013-05-09 19:36:32
Excelente!! Viva Escher!!

Pedro Jose Torres2013-04-26 15:49:03
With the help of this site and an email response from de Smit I had all the resources needed to do one of my undergrad projects for Abstract Algebra. Thank you for such a great web page.

jozef tari2013-04-20 08:53:06
love escher

Reinder2013-04-18 07:56:39
Hi, I implemented a webgl shader (running on chrome) showing the transformation of Escher on a 3D-city:

Ten Boom2013-03-23 22:58:55
I was totally caught by your five steps!

Andrew Hjermstad2013-03-20 20:49:19
Cool site! Very nice work. I would totally order a print of this, if you included a magnifying glass!

Max2012-11-29 22:17:47
Hi, Nice work! I have a question/suggestion with regards to the radial stretch+rotation that you made of your infinitely retouched Print Gallery: if you, in addition, simultaneously made a circular translation of the right radius (in the same direction of the rotation) of the entire image (perhaps with some tailored adjustment of the phase velocity along the way), the ensuing spiral effect might give more of the feeling of entering the painting spatially. Would love to see it.