Escher and the Droste effect


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nicolai2005-12-16 15:58:22
great site

LITTLEDAVE2005-12-12 17:35:20
AMAZING SITE just lite-up a big fat one and get into it.

louise van leeuwen2005-12-07 15:41:42
echt leuk,ik ben op zoek naar afbeelding van vogel in of uit de kooi

jean-claude Féret2005-12-02 15:18:25
As a mirror reflexion from M.Eschert drawings, there are some language games in French, I'd like you to know. Here is an example of such: "TU L'AS TROP ECRASE, CESAR, CE PORT SALUT"(Port-Salut is a cheese) such phrase, been identical letter by letter to its reverse.

henkje2005-12-02 13:07:57

Dylan Frederick Lee Turner2005-12-02 05:09:00
this is a great website

Svatopluk Nevrkla2005-12-01 10:15:13
Awesome! It would be fascinating if you would like to present mathematical structure also in other works of Escher.

marcel2005-11-30 15:28:25
the nicest site about escher

Perry Scanlon2005-11-28 21:37:12
Fascinating! I have enjoyed Escher's work since grade school but never even seen this one before. This obscure drawing is in my opinion his best work and the most interesting piece of art I've ever seen. I just want to say thank you for this whole project. Here's an idea that I would pay to see: put a gigantic mural in an art museum, print the center at 10,000 dots per inch. Hand out magnifying glasses and pocket microscopes...

Josh2005-11-27 10:37:34
Awesome work!!! keep it up! I think that what you have done is a great and Escher would be hononred.

Duane Burman2005-11-25 15:19:51
Have you since applied your great math skills towards any types of medical images and the dark/light spots/gaps that apparently still often undermine their effective use as "diagnostic tools"?

harry2005-11-25 10:44:58
hello how did m c escher die?

Bobby2005-11-24 15:29:24
Its ok but wat woould a seven year old no

jordy2005-11-23 13:06:52
ik vind deze site echt top (ik vind dat hij mooi kan tekenen hoor) mzz -xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx-

Fredrick Freekowtski2005-11-22 18:19:55
great site.

Sam Hopkins2005-11-20 19:53:54
i'm loving the work of Escher so much at the moment that i've decided to write a report on him. His illusions are MIND BOGGELING and they ROCK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

katie gemma and bran2005-11-20 11:44:54
we love dis site it is so intresting. this man is a bloody jeneus.

Michael L. Rudolph2005-11-19 19:33:59
1129 W. Delmar Ave. Godfrey, Il. 62035-1738

jeroen nikkel2005-11-18 10:38:36
mooie site ik hou van deze site

Rudy2005-11-17 08:38:46
Nicely unravelled!

Thierry2005-11-15 15:57:22
Trop fort, trop génial, je passerai des jours entier à regarder les dessin de ce "Maitre"

Wayne Raath2005-11-14 18:45:35
Fuck me! Sorry if this too much, but the man was a genius. I mean that in the old sense of the word - 'spiritual protector'

Wayne Raath2005-11-14 18:40:36
There is a dearth of intelligence like yours in my life. So thank you. 1st saw this in Athens. Om Ah Hum Vajra Guru Padma Siddhi Hum

Jayson2005-11-14 11:57:50
I have always admired Escher's work, though i may not have known his name until recently. I saw this website and i was astonished at those animations. It must have been very time consuming and i figure it had to be precise. Well done to the person(s) resbonsible for that. It blew my mind. Jayson 19 uk

poppy2005-11-13 20:25:44
how many pictures in total did mc escher do

Éric2005-11-13 18:12:18
I found this site from examining how the famous "zoom-quilt" flash animation was made. Seems like those guys put Escher's "looping images" concept in practice: a series of images, each one being the center part of the previous one scaled up to size. Fascinating stuff.

Claire Kaye2005-11-11 19:45:22
Absolutely fascinating. Many thanks to the hole-filling animators! And what a genius that man was, both artistically and mathematically. I'd much rather have an Escher than half a pickled shark any day... And to those people who feel like leaving rude or sarcastic messages on this site: don't bother 'cos the rest of us who do appreciate the effort the animators have put in really don't want to read your unpleasant comments. Perhaps you have no sense of wonder... Like the Wise ... read more

Juan Pita2005-11-07 16:26:29
Very interesting and beautiful what I have seen!!! I would like to read your articles, and have more information about your investigations. I am an argentinian artist an I´m studing Escher´s art. Thank you, Juan Pita

noëmie forton2005-11-06 15:29:35
hellow ist very cool grtz my,myself and i noëmie

emma parker age 142005-11-04 11:39:27
i love this site, i am doing resirch about escher and it is fab! i love Escher! bye bye xxx

Shanks2005-11-04 11:35:44
This site is propper poo stains!

Soph n Dani2005-11-04 11:32:48
Hey there, we love Escher!...not, what geeks would come on this website!

Mike2005-11-04 01:25:29
Absolutely amazing. I have the book The Graphic Work Of M. C. Escher. I have admired his work since I was at art school in the 60s. Watching the animations convinced me that Escher was able to draw in a fractal mode.

Mariah Carey2005-11-03 13:36:11
Interesting information you have, but more updates will be super. cheers.

Vladan Zdravkovic2005-11-03 01:55:28
hello...would You be so kind and send me some information how to find images from the "Leiden Sketchbook : towns along road from Vienna to Constantinople (1577-1585)"? I am searching for the representation of the Petrovaradin. Compliments to your site!

matt gardner2005-11-02 14:56:46
amazing, great insight into eshcer's work

James2005-11-01 06:06:55
Greate site. Thank you :)

John2005-10-31 15:16:52
Nice site!

Nick2005-10-31 07:08:15
After I saw Escher`s display in Athens,Greece,I have difficulties in orientation in 3D world!

hartelijke groeten,hans2005-10-28 08:13:02
Bedankt voor je brief.

Nicole2005-10-25 20:35:07
thank you i need thad for my art homework he has enspired my project -x-Nicloe-x- age 14

Ashlee2005-10-25 13:42:35

Tom P.2005-10-24 22:57:09
Infinitely intriguing! Thank you so very much! It's the mystery unraveling into further mystery. Excellent!!!

Joanne T. Vannah2005-10-24 22:36:54
Interesting analysis/explanation and incredible visuals of some of Escher's work. Has there been much fractal analysis on the scaling principles he had employed?

Gemma McCoyd2005-10-20 18:42:51
Hi, Love the website in particular the Escher loops. Just wondering if you have read the book 'GODEL, ESCHER, BACH: an Eternal Golden Braid' its all about the strange loops that arise in Escher and the works of others. If you have any other information on how Escher did this painting or any of his others can you let me know. I'm actually studying this for a mathematics disertation! Thanks, Gemma

Lars Lund2005-10-19 10:12:42
Hi there I just stumbled over your amazing work, very stimulating and impressive. However, I find the combination of the four scales of the reconstructed Droste images a bit unsatisfactory, since it appears to me to be necesssary only due to the resolution problem. Escher, I suppose, did not use this transformation either. Have you considered to produce a vector version of the Droste image? This could be made to cover one full period, and thus make the transition phase unnecessary!

Maaike Strijbos2005-10-19 05:51:24
Na een bespreking op een bijbelstudiekursus in Ronneby, wilde ik graag een van Eschers tekeningen laten zien. Vriendelijke groeten. maaike

I don\'t know2005-10-17 22:00:06
It was so cool! It was really great looking at and learning about.

Nitin 2005-10-16 01:56:10
Nice webpage, and some cool pictures. Ahhh.. the aesthetic pleasures of conformal mapping! ;)

Walt2005-10-13 18:46:33