Escher and the Droste effect


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juan jose artigas garcia2005-05-20 16:05:42
mostrar pagina

Joe Whitehead2005-05-19 23:33:29
Wow, now if only there was a render and game engine for an escher world explorer. :)

Go- Go2005-05-18 20:26:25
Cool, I like it :)

Chlo2005-05-18 18:12:23
Incredible person

Sanne2005-05-18 09:41:35
I love escher he is sexy

dude2005-05-17 16:55:46
this is gay

evelyn2005-05-12 15:00:47
escher is a good person but this site stinks because theres not very much information WE LOVE ESCHER

zenpa 2005-05-11 14:56:00
En toch blijft 't fascineren!

Gerald Shechter2005-05-09 20:02:58
And I began as an Escher fan ... the added dimension of animation is a worth some of my time ... And I could spend too much of it watching ... I am fascinated.

Dirk van Nouhuys2005-05-09 17:59:05

L. Starkey2005-05-09 16:01:02

jim mcmanamy2005-05-09 11:48:40
Really enjoyed your site. Please add me to your email list! Cheers Jim Theatre School

lil costello2005-05-08 23:42:23
great stuff!!!!!!!!!!!

Giorgio PAVIOTTI2005-05-06 18:46:20
Bravi! Ho trovato il vostro indirizzo Email ad ATENE visitando la mostra (molto bella!) "The Art of M. C. Escher": beyond infinity. Mi siete piaciuti parecchio.

kadri2005-05-03 10:57:38
this art is so beautiful!Keep going=)

Pancho2005-04-28 19:48:34
Fascinating, congratulations. The best example of math-art I've seen in a long time.

Casey Brown2005-04-28 15:37:19
you inspire a lot of people with all of your artwork.

Andrea Seitun2005-04-27 15:59:42
Amazing! It's a pity that Escher couldn't have seen your translation of his work into the time domain, with a so accurate dynamic space rendering. If a simple image worths 100 words, such videoclips worth a long speech... The video also reminds me of the dreaming world of Alice in Wonderland, as a sort of dj vu. Thank you so much for providing these resources, I will use them in my university teaching (under your permission and giving you credits, obviously!). Andrea Seitun, Dinog, Univ. of Genoa, Italy

kimberley2005-04-26 15:22:04
hi paeple i~m kim and i`m 13 years old. i come from holland and i`ve seen thing links becouse we have a math site en there he was"": this link. its a nice site. keep going lots of greets from me. and how we say in dutch: doei doei e veel groeten p.s. my englais is not very good, hoply you for giving me that!

luis garcia2005-04-24 03:20:25
marvelous person he was

Christa Hobe2005-04-23 17:18:32
I think that the work done here is VERY interesting. By far one of my favorite Escher pieces.

octavio nava2005-04-22 07:54:36
my faforite

jackjo2005-04-18 07:33:37
informatie over escher

kirsten 2005-04-14 17:25:25
heyyy iedereen!! ik moet een groot werk maken over esscher maar het moet vooral over de wiskundige achtergrond gaan... kan mij iemand hierbij helpen? of een goede site geven..? als je wat weet= tell me lots of nice stuff---moi

Klaas jan huntelaar2005-04-14 12:56:59
R.I.P Je vader

gloria2005-04-14 02:32:23
eschers work is the best of the best! he was one of a kind!

sissi2005-04-13 19:01:06
I' m preparing the examen of the high school and i would bring Escher, my favourite artist so I find this site very interesting!!!!e la mostra in italia era bellissima!!lo adoro!!

Martijn2005-04-12 21:10:02
Nice site!! lots of info, and nice movies.. kep on doing the good work!

Martin2005-04-11 14:13:00
Its wonderful, I think that MC Escher would be pleased when He could see this precise work. Applause to author

Oscar Blanco2005-04-10 01:29:45
Insuperable. Gracias Escher. Y gracias, claro, al chocolate.

Jorge P. Burdell2005-04-07 02:33:21
Goc realmente el Escher y el Droste realiza. Esto es mi clase del arte!

Air2005-04-05 20:09:41
Me parece genial las obras de Escher, ya que combina el dibujo artstico con el tcnico, y su base matemtica hace que sus trabajos sean tan laboriosos como excelentes. Me ha fascinado, la verdad. Espero seguir aprendiendo ms de artistas como Escher y semejantes. Alicante (Espaa)

tara2005-04-03 20:28:26
gari genije!!!

Jonathan2005-04-03 08:10:47
Amazing. I feel sorry for escher, I think he would have liked to stick that middle part in. It looks nice. - Jonathan

I & G.2005-03-31 07:54:29
woooooooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwww, seriously, his work is gorgeous

piwi22005-03-31 07:51:22
echt heel mooi hoor, de techniek enzo, klasse jochie

piwi2005-03-31 07:50:05
het valt wel mee hoor: hij haalde op sgool maar zevens en ik negens, uitslover

Charles Bobo2005-03-28 21:26:19
I like the book of infinity just to the boy's (observer's) left, and how it seems to emerge from the center and move along the "walkways" of the image.

Iris Schwartz2005-03-27 18:52:06
I enjoyed Escher and the Droste effect. It is avery interesting.

andy2005-03-24 17:24:06
Incredible !! excellent development of the drawing. I hope Escher would approve, as I certainly do. Thanks for sharing your work!

bob2005-03-21 20:06:20
i like ure pictures!

{2005-03-19 12:31:28
`JbRCCgołˁI GbV[ōII(OO)

Sander2005-03-16 22:06:02
Prachtig gedaan, echt hypnotiserend... Ik doe een CKV-werkstuk over Escher en deze site is daar heel bruikbaar voor!!!

Marieke2005-03-14 12:16:35
Onwijs! Hier wil ik echt graag een werkstuk over maken voor Wiskunde, maar waar moet ik beginnen? 't Is wel Heavy hoor! Groetjes Marieke

Jos Roca2005-03-13 22:44:07
Soy un admirador de la obra de Escher y la utilizo en mis clases con mis alumnos. Cartagena- Espaa

caoimhe2005-03-11 14:02:21
escher is my hero!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

james wood2005-03-10 19:05:17
great website

me me me2005-03-10 16:44:30
this is my kind of art

richard2005-03-09 08:43:25
Voor wiskunde moet ik in 1 VWO een aantal opdrachten doen over Escher. Heeft u uw verhaal ook in het Nederlands?

Ikke2005-03-02 11:42:19
Hey man, ik snap nix van deze website. Ik ben een jongen van 16 en snap nix van wiskunde. Ik doe graag andere dingen dan op deze website kijken. Maar iedereen heeft zijn eigen smaak. wiskunde valt trouwens wel mee. Ik heb allemaal 7s en 8en. Ik heb raar. Vaag he?! Verder is het best een mooie site. Ik ode een werkstuk over Escher, maar ja. Ik probeer dit gewoon vol te praten. Daasa