Escher and the Droste effect


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kenneth epple2004-08-15 20:52:41
excellent site

Paolo Salvucci2004-08-09 21:57:08
Really interserting topic. Really good presentation. Thanks

Ms. Terry Hansen2004-08-07 14:57:08
Fascinating. I have always liked Escher. I enjoy his work because it hits me on many levels. I never realized that mathematics and computers could enhance his work by showing how difficult it was. He is a superb artist.

Baher Abdelhadi2004-08-02 06:23:31
An excellent work. I'd like to all Echer's works, would you please send me the link? Thanks a lot. Baher

Maria Giovanna2004-08-01 19:47:21
Che dire, siete SPLENDIDI. Grazie a voi, ho conosciuto l'effetto Droste. Vi ho messo tra i miei preferiti :-) Braaaaviiii, continuerò a seguirvi con piacere e curiosità. ciao ciao

Ernst Gollan2004-08-01 15:27:44
I like the Site..Very good. My Grandfather Was Dutch and told me of this Artwork and showed me some of Escher when I was small. Thanks for the site!

Vernon2004-07-26 14:02:37
Hi Drost, Great site, and a load of very varied responses to MC. He was 'the man' as far as I was concerned. I have a fine art degree in painting and sometimes teach as well as work as a painter. I often use MC's work as an example for my students as a drawing resourse. As much as they love his work.... it is not always immediately understood by everyone except by means of mathamatical precission, so I do understand the confusion. Artists like to rely on their instincts.... I think that MC did too but on a more emotional level, and there, for me at least, lies the heart and soul of his originallity and vision.

Sushmita Priya Lal2004-07-26 07:48:32

cyril maurice warren2004-07-21 11:52:06
i need a draw by escher,thanks

Andrew Morley2004-07-18 16:47:50
I recently appealed (on an Ebay page advertising a tin for sale), for help with a word to define 'a picture replicating itself within itself'. The tin I had for sale was a Huntley & Palmer's Cocktail assortment, the image on the lid of which has this replicating in reducing stages effect. I noted that the Droste Cocoa tin has the same effect, as does the Royal Baking Powder tin and the more obscure 'After Dinner' cigarettes tin. Hannah Smael saw my appeal for information, and was kind ... read more

ILa2004-07-14 10:18:45
Wow, best vet man. Hoelang zou die Escher erover gedaan hebben om die print te maken in vergelijking tot de meesterprogrammeurs die het op de compu hebben nagebouwd?

Susan Hughes2004-07-14 02:52:29
I have been a huge fan of Escher ever since I laid eyes on his works. He has given me the courage to look at things from different angles. New and exciting ways. An artist and genius that has inspired me in many aspects of my life. I thank you for the ability to have experienced his work in many ways

Nynke2004-07-11 15:47:00
Hello everybody, I would escher pics, could you me tosturen?

C.H. Buijnink2004-07-10 07:54:50
Bewonderaar van de werken van Escher

arthur e de groot2004-07-06 19:30:21
Het is wonderbaarlijk dat we ons blijven verbazen over het resultaat van de gedachten en openbaringen van Esher. De wiskundige uitleg en achtergronden van zijn kunst kunnen ons wel leren hoe iets is gemaakt, maar hoe het is bedacht blijft kunst! Dank voor het onderzoek. arthur.

fieke2004-07-04 09:43:42
HEy evorbody! I am from the Netherlands and I have for school a workpiece for mathematics. And they ask me: call all the platonic and Archimedean Solids, who are in the picture from Escher work the "stars". Can anybody help me please. And sorry if my englisch isn't very good. fieke.

carol2004-07-02 08:03:23
niet alleen maar tekeningen van hem maar ook informatie over hem zelf . maar het is ook wel leuk dat meer tekeningen komen meer dan 20!

carol2004-07-02 07:58:42
hai ik wil eigenlijk meer over escher weten .

Selahattin Ozpalabiyiklar2004-06-30 08:35:35
Ryan Thompson ( wrote (2004-06-01 18:42:44): You are killing the image of a legend…you are killing the image of an artist. After looking into this mathematical concept and the actual art of M.C. Escher (specifically "The Print"), I have found that you have looked way too far into the subject. (...) Look at the original is beautiful and a masterpiece to say the least, but all of this is unnecessary and meaningless babbling. It's much like how you can crease a ... read more

jan2004-06-29 12:35:02

Nebojsa2004-06-28 21:33:46
Sa smislom se gubi sve.U dubinu ponora me je odveo njegov pogled.

stel2004-06-28 13:04:19
hy like droste

mara2004-06-28 09:25:18
ik vind M.c.echer de beste schrijver van vde hele wereld

Richard2004-06-27 21:43:54
WOW! wat een ontzettend leuk onderzoek! En een nog leukere uitkomst!

harry2004-06-27 17:47:09
echt gave site, jammer dat het niet verder gaat!!!!!

Maja2004-06-25 20:23:38

maria luisa2004-06-25 19:10:13

Trudy2004-06-23 13:55:25
Hi, Went to the lecture at the Field Institute in Toronto last night -- very interesting. Then I went home and looked at my Escher book -- he was trying to visually represent infinity -- just wondering have you ever tried to apply your same methodology -- beer & bread etc. - to a real life depiction namely setting up two mirrors creating infinite reflections and then if possible photographing this and applying the overlying grid -- if so I would be most interested in being directed to a website image -- if not why not ? dag, Trudy

Michael Weiss2004-06-21 21:44:50
Beautiful! Anyone teaching covering spaces and fundamental groups should use this example. Too bad the associated elliptic functions don't make an appearance, just the elliptic curves. But it's still pretty amazing.

tara2004-06-16 00:14:35
Hi,my name is tara selski.I am 17-ears old girl from Yugoslavia.When I finish school,I want to be academic painter....I want to meet people like me....

samara van deursen2004-06-15 16:16:08
Hellow guest book, this is a very coole site . I don't like this things normally , but these , i like very much! Bey bey .

Dieuwertje2004-06-15 05:30:01
This is a great site, it really shows you what Escher can be capable of, and that sure is a lot. My only question is; how did you discouver the math in it and such? I mean, you tell us about where the math is in his paintings and how you worked with it (with a programme you recouver what the picture looks like without rotating), but how did you discouver this? But this really is a great site! Keep it up! Greetings, Dieuwertje

ENUGU2004-06-13 16:47:47

karolien2004-06-11 13:14:34
ongezond, maar tof

jolien2004-06-11 13:13:32
eel tof

kelly2004-06-11 09:50:48
hello... how can you draw so beautiful? me and my friend thinks that you are fantastic allot of sweets me and my friend

Von2004-06-07 09:15:40
can you pleace send me some information about the Escher museum in Den-haag.

jens2004-06-02 14:37:36
in welk museum hangt het schilderij de Drawing Hands

Trisha Lamka2004-06-02 13:12:50
My math teacher is making come on here and leave a message. I really like the paintings. We have been doing a lot of work on these paintings in class.

Wiskundefreak!!! Wiskunde is VERSS:P:)2004-06-02 07:57:31
Hello!! Ik houd van wiksunde,, omdat het zo vers; is....

taha en duco2004-06-02 07:56:21
ik ken geen wiskunde teringlijer

Veysel Ugur2004-06-02 06:08:04
How comes that Mondriaan with his childish kubism is being much more praised and known than Escher's mindblowing works? But then, it is like why some people like eating red peppers (which numbs the tong for other sense of tasting) above black chocolate... it really is unfair the way inventors a la washington carver, beta-scientists, artists (not the decorators) and philosophers live and die in the ignorance of Britney Spearses and Justin Timberlakes

Henk Barendregt2004-06-01 21:35:15
[The previous reaction is like that of Blake to Newton's discovery of the physics of a rainbow. The rainbow remains poetic even if it can be understood. To some of us it becomes even more poetic.] Well done! Should have used this for my course on Reflection. After having looked at the animation of the straight picture while zooming in for a while and then having stopped the movement, one may observe an appearent zooming out. Meditators sometimes have an observation of an observation of ... read more

Ryan Thompson2004-06-01 17:00:42
Adding to my post just before this one, I just wanted to add that I have been an M.C. Escher fan for years and have an IB (International Baccalaureate) art degree. I just want Escher to be seen for who he was.

Ryan Thompson2004-06-01 16:42:44
You are killing the image of a legend…you are killing the image of an artist. After looking into this mathematical concept and the actual art of M.C. Escher (specifically "The Print"), I have found that you have looked way too far into the subject. Has anyone else failed to see that the founders of this concept have over-evaluated this piece to a frightful extreme? Look at the original is beautiful and a masterpiece to say the least, but all of this is unnecessary and meaningless ... read more

ismail elberkani2004-06-01 13:44:08
That is a great work thankx

Amelia Graul2004-06-01 13:14:07
I didn't see all them but what i saw was cool! I thought he was a cool guy too!

Greg Leis2004-06-01 13:14:02
Had to check it out for class its interesting

adam2004-06-01 13:12:39
wayyy to much time spent on these, but they are cool.

jen2004-06-01 13:12:00
Had to do this for a clas, but I thought it was interesting.