Escher and the Droste effect


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Leah 2004-05-13 18:09:04
the animation of the escher print is amazing. i would like to see others added on to this section using similar affects.

Yuri Lim & Perry van Oosterum2004-05-13 09:25:45
We are 2 Dutch mathteachers/students. We nearly understand the whole mathematical structure behind the Print Gallery. We almost finished our investigation. We are trying to make it more easely for those who aren't that good in maths. We are going to publish our article on First Class Client in July.

Mallory2004-05-11 20:33:48
This is so interesting. I love art and I love figuring out what art means. Thanks!

vitamin2004-05-09 15:44:45

chris tyrer2004-05-05 12:56:52
wow you have the same name as me that is really cool

jowiria2004-05-03 20:21:14
he s 1 of my favourits

mark hillary2004-05-01 16:53:40
im yey cool

Jan Marshall2004-04-30 21:34:39
Hi! I haven't had a chance to check this website yet, but I am happy to see it. I am an American who has a Dutch boyfriend who lives in Eersel. Greetings! I teach math to 13 year olds. Good luck, Jan Marshall

tira2004-04-30 18:48:55
What is your favorite tessalation?

Karolien2004-04-26 14:15:03
Hallo, ik heb een vraagje in verband met de werken van Escher. Wij moeten voor school (wiskunde) een bespreking doen over Escher.Ik vind het echt ZEER moeilijk om onmogelijke tekeningen van hem te bespreken. Kan iemand mij een handje helpen?? Ik zou dat ERG appreciŽren. (met helpen bedoel ik b.v enkele interessante websites met tekeningen en info. Alvast bedankt... Met vriendelijke groetjes Karolien

Boznic2004-04-26 07:18:57
Cool! I have been making similar animations for a long time, I guess this is the origion of such methods. Anyway, Im happy I found this site, very informative!!!

bob2004-04-23 13:18:26
hello his work was insperational to say the least he filled my head with a million and one ideas for my mock exam and sketchbook in year 10

Lusine2004-04-18 19:57:01
this is a very interesting work. and it's a very useful site.but was Escher an mathematician or an artist?

Math freak2004-04-17 15:17:53
Does any body know where I could find some info about Escher and Math?:)

Barb Raftree2004-04-15 21:16:22
I'm looking for M.C. Escher sliding tile puzzles

Francois Tisseyre2004-04-15 15:44:50
Beautiful work about beautiful art. I was lucky to attend a lecture on this picture at Centre Beaubourg, Paris, France recently. As a film maker involved in maths films (mainly with Adrien Douady and Jean-Pierre Bourguignon), I am interested in finding and showing pictures that talk maths by themselves. Of course, additional words are welcome when needed. Thank you all, and again, compliments.

zach2004-04-15 03:13:32
where and how did M.C. Escher die?

Zo Boo Long2004-04-14 15:57:38
Tunns of stuff about Escher, I am his biggest fan

Mike Hodgson2004-04-14 15:54:31
Great now i can pass my gcse's with high grades Cheers!!!!

Cathy Hodgson2004-04-14 15:52:56
I thought this is a very useful site it has educational information for my daughers homework and genral information but there is just one problem is M.C Escher an artest or a mathematician my daugher could not find that out but apart from that this site is clearly well set out and useful for my childrens future and i hope you do get lots of messages like this because i don't see what is bad about it and i don't think anyone else thinks different! Plus i would just like to add another ... read more

Zoe Hodgson2004-04-14 15:37:19
Brill but was Escher an artest or a mathematician?

mike batty2004-04-13 15:30:12
I saw your animation in venice - a chap from alborg showed it in a conference on artificial environments. I am writing a book called Cities and Complexity which will be published by MIT Press in 2005 and I am searching for some sort of cover which has infinite regress in terms of cityscapes. If you have any ideas on this, let me know Mike Batty

David Forel2004-04-11 23:25:48
Fascinating observations. Clever work. Clean site. Inspiring!

e2004-04-11 00:33:49
thank you!

Homerus2004-04-10 11:17:24
Zeer interessant. 256 maal verkleind met een draai van 40 graden, knap hoor. Ik stoorde mij in 1974 al aan die vlek, en nu kan ik eindelijk rustig slapen.

Luc Beelaert2004-04-09 23:08:42
M.C. Escher would have loved these animations... ...and so do I. Nice work.

shadow elfwolf2004-04-08 19:22:24
awesomw web page:)

Kermit the Frog2004-04-08 16:34:08
hey... this sight isnt that interesting. i dont like it much. it has no green on any of the pages, and that is very dissapointing. i dont like this sight very much, and it has nothing interesting on it. and by the way, i love poo!!!

Peggy Weggy 2004-04-08 16:32:05
i love the picture that has that hot guy staring at something!!! woohooo BYEBYE

Jason Many2004-04-08 16:31:06
WAz ^ that was one the best picture/illution drawing I have ever seen

kyle 2004-04-08 15:48:48
not bad cool animation

Kayo Morimoto 2004-04-08 14:14:24
This website had really inspired me to work with this kind of aet. Seeing that I love all kinds of ary, I'm very excited to work with such art. Thank you for creating this website. It's really great. Great job!

Dora Ameyaw2004-04-06 18:49:05
I like your websiteand I like to work with you

Socrates2004-04-05 14:04:32
Very interesting artwork.

Mike2004-04-05 12:47:46
Pretty strange stuff :) Look s better if you have all the paperwork in front of you instead of a 17" monitor :)

Sarah2004-04-05 04:13:12
Totally rocked but thats only cos i hate artwork except this lot

Kelly2004-04-05 04:11:40
Not too bad

Donna2004-04-05 04:10:13
Absolutely Terriffic. Even my Crabby teacher who dislikes everything was amazed at the quality of the work. Congratulations on making me see artwork in a different view

Devin2004-03-26 16:46:48
hello I am wondering some stuff about M.C Echer for my math class (extra credit) can n e one help me?

merle2004-03-25 14:46:57
super! escher is geweldig! kuz merle

gino2004-03-23 20:19:55

maria en caroline2004-03-23 14:02:03
we love your website,we are your greatest fans

john miller2004-03-22 11:52:08
wonderful. fascinating.a most serenddipitious find to which i will return . dear old m.c.escher,the guy was a genius and a great giver of visual pleasure.

Sonya Coley2004-03-19 17:01:10
what is the style of Escher considered to be? graphic designer and printmaker but was he modernism or realism or what? thanks for the help!

Howard Wiseman2004-03-19 01:52:40
Impressive and fascinating almost beyond words. However I still feel frustrated that I don't fully understand the relation between the Droste effect and Escher's picture. In the "Euclidean" version of the picture, there is a straight-forward Droste effect. Then you (following Escher) do some transformation that makes it seem like the picture contains the boy looking at that very picture (not just a smaller version of the boy looking at a still smaller version of the picture and so on). I ... read more

danielle2004-03-12 03:17:04
i think that it is a good sight but i havent seen what on it yet. so youshould put it at the end of the site

Martina Benesova2004-03-11 14:34:11
Breathtaking. I have written my diploma work at university on the connection of Escher's work and mathematical background. So I am aware of some curiosities but this has beaten me down.

annie2004-03-07 19:43:49
I think this is incredible

Attila Pal2004-03-06 09:32:12
I must a computer programm, I want to make similar pictures trying, like Escher. Is there?

carole and emily2004-03-05 23:52:14
how did he come up with these ideas