Escher and the Droste effect


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maria en caroline2004-03-23 14:02:03
we love your website,we are your greatest fans

john miller2004-03-22 11:52:08
wonderful. fascinating.a most serenddipitious find to which i will return . dear old m.c.escher,the guy was a genius and a great giver of visual pleasure.

Sonya Coley2004-03-19 17:01:10
what is the style of Escher considered to be? graphic designer and printmaker but was he modernism or realism or what? thanks for the help!

Howard Wiseman2004-03-19 01:52:40
Impressive and fascinating almost beyond words. However I still feel frustrated that I don't fully understand the relation between the Droste effect and Escher's picture. In the "Euclidean" version of the picture, there is a straight-forward Droste effect. Then you (following Escher) do some transformation that makes it seem like the picture contains the boy looking at that very picture (not just a smaller version of the boy looking at a still smaller version of the picture and so on). I ... read more

danielle2004-03-12 03:17:04
i think that it is a good sight but i havent seen what on it yet. so youshould put it at the end of the site

Martina Benesova2004-03-11 14:34:11
Breathtaking. I have written my diploma work at university on the connection of Escher's work and mathematical background. So I am aware of some curiosities but this has beaten me down.

annie2004-03-07 19:43:49
I think this is incredible

Attila Pal2004-03-06 09:32:12
I must a computer programm, I want to make similar pictures trying, like Escher. Is there?

carole and emily2004-03-05 23:52:14
how did he come up with these ideas

sarah watts2004-03-05 15:51:33
how is escher is he alive?

dans sweet page2004-03-05 13:10:17
I like your Page! Check out mine too!

Courtney .....2004-03-04 17:54:19
my teacher has brought us here to search the web for tessellations. we found out that Escher was artist for tess. they are awesome

Joey Evans2004-03-04 01:47:31
I believe that I can not ever do any better than him no matter how much I practice.

Courtney 2004-03-02 18:19:01
My art teacher brought me here today. we are coming here thursday too..

Geoffrey 2004-03-02 18:15:50
My art teacher brought me here to learn and we had a good time while learning. It is fun. I will come back here when i can. I have learned alot thanks alot dude later.

Bubba 2004-03-02 18:15:07
My art teacher brought me here to learn and we had a good time while learning. It is fun. I will come back here when I can.

Lee Bixler2004-03-02 18:00:40
Dear Sir, I have a original 1938 print titled "Day and Night". it is printed in shades of black and gray. I wish to sell this wood block print. I assure you it is real and in great shape. please feel free to contact me as soon as possible if you are interested. Regards, Lee Bixler

jack=dy/dx sinx^22004-03-02 17:13:14
very eerie but at the same time very beautiful. Astounding example of the effect.

Joey Evans 2004-03-02 15:58:53
It would have been wonderful if he could visit our classroom. physk

erikooll2004-03-01 15:56:17
in all of the art projets in my classroom i admire escher's the best. even if someone did better(which none can ever do) I will admire escher's the most.

Nihilisticidol2004-03-01 02:35:58
Beatiful site, for the world is a lovely place when I'm not in love with myself.

hannah ludwig2004-02-27 16:25:29
hi this is the best web site ever

Joey Evans2004-02-26 16:29:54
I want to know what the droste effect is???

Laurent2004-02-26 10:10:39
one word : amazing ! very nice work.

Tim Poston2004-02-25 04:08:24
I love the final Print Gallery image, as well as the steps toward completion. Can I buy a large, high-resolution print of the completed version? It would be interesting to have it exactly match the original lithograph in size. Tim Poston GE Bangalore

Ruben2004-02-25 00:24:25
This is a fantastic piece of mathematical work done on a fantastic work of art! Congratulations, Ruben

Johan Nicolaas Herbschleb2004-02-24 18:59:35
Erg leuk; eindelijk heb ik die tekening van Escher goed gezien. Zelf heb ik andersom gewerkt: hoe gebruik ik wiskunde om te tonen dat een bepaald verschijnsel slechts een illusie is.

Darrell Skeels2004-02-24 02:30:00
I have been fascinated with this work since I was 16. I'm 41 now, and it is timeless for me.

Courtney2004-02-23 03:16:08
i love seb

Tam\'n\'Em 2004-02-23 03:15:56
this was very inspiring to our class the pictures were heaps mad especially the ones that zoomed in yea i like the spirals

Leigh Kinsela2004-02-23 03:15:21
Great site. Really educational and informative. yea!

Tanya2004-02-23 03:15:17
this was an absolutely riveting site

claire2004-02-23 03:14:32
this site is awsome! the animations are fantastic!!! especially educational helpful for my assessment luv ya all!!!

aMaNdA KiLpAtRiCk2004-02-23 03:14:14
=) WOW =D

sara2004-02-23 03:13:53
hi, this website has been the best experienec of day.

Kate2004-02-23 03:13:53
Hi, this website is awesome! Love the animations! Yes, ya do get abit dizzy lookin at it all though!

Teg + Kirst2004-02-23 03:13:50
interesting, says bubbah and moonie...

Jessica Snodgrass2004-02-23 03:13:44
Great site, really love the animations.

Heidi Kuan2004-02-20 17:29:36
Hmm. Getting a bit Dizzy Though,

wilma2004-02-20 02:46:49
Omdat ik al bij 50 jaren in Australia woon, maar nog steeds erg geinterreseert ben in de Ned. taal, graag een Engelse versie van het "Droste Effect" Groeten Wilma Victoria

Ans2004-02-18 17:33:13
EEj deze site is vet man

Mike Arndt2004-02-17 03:31:23
Thank you for your site. Someone told me about Escher today, and I am fascinated with his work. You have done a great job. Thanks again.

Suzana Garcia2004-02-16 02:08:20
Coordeno a programação de uma importante casa de cultura em São Paulo/Brasil e gostaria de saber se há possibilidade da exposição do Escher vir ao Brasil. Gostaria de obter informações e um endereço ou telefone para contato. Atenciosamente, Suzana Garcia

Lauren2004-02-15 21:37:28
Wonderful website, absolutely superb.

veronica2004-02-15 20:39:51
hey this is a great site on escher, i really enjoyed viewing it, and all your work on his images is amazing, well done for taking your time to help others understand what you have managed to. im a 15 year old art gcse student and this site is of real use to me. thanks.

FUNDA B.2004-02-08 15:26:57

Philippe Berard2004-02-07 00:21:13
Congratulations again for your priceless contribution to making Escher's work available to a large audience. Congratulations too for your effort aimed at opening the public's eyes onto the depths of knowledge reached by Escher's mind at his most productive time. I also would like to know if the software used in deconstructing "Print Gallery" could be made available to those who like me would want to apply similar techniques to original pictures in other words to apply the grid algorithms to ... read more

Jack van der Marel2004-02-06 22:06:23
Geweldig hoe de avi is gemaakt. Ik heb verschillende boeken van Escher. Deze tekenig heb ik jááá'ren geleden nagetekend. Zalig om te doen. Jack

Daniel2004-02-04 23:48:11
...Wow, that really is amazing. I am amazed and completely interested in the physics of this 'escher art'!

Mikkel, Denmark2004-02-03 21:12:27
I really admire the brilliant work of M.C.Escher. He is really a genious, but almost the greater genious is the people who maked the animation on this site, it really uncovers the "secrets" in the picture. GREAT WORK!! ;) -Mikkel, 8th Ground School Pupil, Denmark