Escher and the Droste effect


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Lee McElhenney2003-05-28 18:55:50
Great site and presentation. If anyone is interested in further reading, check out "Godel, Escher, Bach: The Eternal Golden Braid; A metaphorical fugue on minds and machines in the spirit of Lewis Carroll." by Douglas Hofstadter. A must read for any enthusiast of mathematics, m.c.escher, classical music, A.I., etc.- Thanks Kys.

flossy smith2003-05-28 17:52:28
just doing a search for educational reasons. Interested in Escher re maths. Am a maths teacher.

Isaac2003-05-27 14:36:26
Good job, but, did you understood how Escher mind worked?

John Pullen2003-05-26 23:20:05
I listened to a talk at UC Davis on Monday May 19th. It confirmed the reason why I choose to major in Math.

Roel van Heeswijk2003-05-26 04:10:49
Verbazend hoe Escher dit allemaal zonder hulp van computers heeft kunnen doen.

Mrs. Debra Murphy2003-05-24 11:50:59
I have a question?? Regarding a"Sliding Boxed Puzzle". Named "Sky and water 1" by Mr.MC Escher. A company from (Bad Salzuflen, Germany)named "Pussycat" made this particular piece of Mr. Escher's fine skilled work in {1938}. I have treasured this remarkable piece of art for almost 3 yrs. now. Please if anyone can Email me{} and fill me in on the history of this rare piece of art. Thxs.

Ritzy Pitzy2003-05-24 06:02:58
Great job! It was a plasure visiting your site.

roman2003-05-22 22:26:54
realy beautiful site, for "mister" Escher. good work. thanks.

BRHUSKA (PORTUGAL)2003-05-22 18:30:00

Trudy Nierman2003-05-20 13:32:29
Hallo Allard, vertel je tante eens wat je precies doet, ik zou er graag iets van willen weten? De kunst zit dus echt in onze familie, en zie graag eens werk van je. Hartelijke groeten ook aan je ouders, Trudy Nierman

Ling-Lie Chau2003-05-19 23:49:38
I attended Professor Lenstra's lecture today at UC Davis and enjoyed very much. Thank you. p.s. I am professor in physics and the Graduate Group of Applied Mathematics at UC Davis. From now on when I teaching conformal mapping, I will refer students to this site.

dzjk2003-05-19 20:28:55
Al jaren favoriet van Escher. Jren geleden al eens nagetekend. Ik heb verschillende boeken. Zelf al eens een deeltje op een wandelstok van hout uitgesneden. Jack van der Marel Kijk eens op

Bruce Bowen2003-05-17 17:42:43
I recently attended a presentation at Stanford University by Professor Hendrik Lenstra on Escher and the Droste effect. It occured to me the next day that the painting reminded me very much of a sort of 2-D circular slide rule, and the stretched out version as a linear slide rule. Don't know how many people are familiar with slide rules nowdays. :) -Bruce

Stacy O. Phoenix, AZ, USA2003-05-15 18:58:49
Wow! I clicked on your site to do a math project (I'm a student at ASU) and discovered more than ever expected! Thanks for your "Escher For Dummies" site, it opened up a whole new perspective (sorry for the pun)

Bob Seehorn2003-05-13 14:30:41
TO: Hendrik Lenstra Thank you so much for the presentation last night (May 12, 2003). I had read your paper in the Notices of the AMS. The paper didn't sink in until you walked through the examples with the visual animaitons. Thanks.

Parampreet Singh2003-05-13 07:29:29
Amazing animations. Keep it up.

Sylvan2003-05-11 03:37:06
Wow..fascinating! I don't understand the mathematics behind it, but it sure looks cool! I still like the original, though. The circle in the middle adds an element of mystery to it. Just wish I could get a hi-res copy of the new version!

TrevN2003-05-10 05:12:23
stack overflow.... brain dumped

david b2003-05-10 00:53:11
yo escher is da best math artest in the world!! he iz cool cus i like how he draws, it iz very perty EH! ya go ESHER YUR # 1

Karel Dhont2003-05-09 12:45:52

Richard King2003-05-04 05:26:11
All I can do is stand in awe of Escher. I'm also incredibly impressed what you have done here - it has helped me understand what Escher had in mind and prompts me to wonder what he would have thought if he could see what you have done in "finishing" his work. I think he would have loved computers, but would have stuck to his engraving and carving as media of choice :-)

Carlos Stollmann2003-05-03 01:11:15
Since my kid days i was overwhelmed by this incredible artist, what else? long life to M.C. Escher!!!!!

R.Jayangondaperumal2003-04-30 09:30:38
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Kinzie Brady2003-04-30 00:55:33
I'am 12 year old and doing a reprot on M.C. Escher. I thank he dose a job

Anthony Camacho2003-04-28 10:51:28
A quite marvellous extension. I've very grateful.

jimmybob2003-04-28 03:13:53
this site is awsome!!!

Kenta Okazaki2003-04-27 15:14:26
Animation is very great! I like Escher and mathematics. Thank You! (Please excuse my poor English...)

Kenneth-Edward Swinscoe2003-04-26 02:00:09
I've been a fan of Escher for a very long time. I'm not only a fan from Escher, but also from Salvador Dali. This is not an advertisment for my web, it is a compliment to the works from M.C. Escher, but if you take a look at my works which you can find in the gallery of my Website You will see in my works the respect that I have for the only real magician's of art Escher and Dali. p.s the videos are great and perfect for showing some one who dosn't no about the fine work from Escher!!!! The only language in the art's is the eye!

emiel2003-04-25 12:28:24
HI! Wie van B2B is hier allemaaal wel niet op deze site? Heel B2B loves Escher Groetjes Emiel

DAVID 2003-04-25 12:27:22
Escher is one of the best artists in the world. I like your work

naomi2003-04-25 12:26:58
jeetje hij heeft vet vage plaatjes/schilderijen gemaakt zeg!1!!!! vet cool!!!!! heelveel respect voor die man zeg geen kwaad woord meer over hem!!!!!!!!! -xxx- naomi

Peter Jan2003-04-25 12:26:45
Grappig als je bij de five steps gaat en de hele tijd op view next picture drukt zie je de hele tijd weer hetzelfde plaatje Doei

bastiaan prins2003-04-25 12:26:16
i like the droste effect very much at finnish is it when you do next picture is that realy a small part of the picture itselve?

eva en tessa2003-04-25 12:25:57
heeeeeeeeej heel leuk hoor het is echt een geweldige site.....mooie afbeeldingen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!doeidoei

wanda2003-04-24 15:27:31
j'adore ESCHER et dplore qu'il n'y ait pas beaucoup de sites le concernant. Merci d'avoir cr celui-ci.

Barry Cheney2003-04-24 05:59:36
I've been a fan of Escher for some time, and have always felt the strangeness of the "Picture Gallery". Your analysis and remarkable animations make me comprehend why this picture is so disturbing.

Franois LOUP2003-04-22 19:14:47
(Excuse me for my written english, it is very bad) Excellent work. I made a french site about Escher. I am a fan of Escher. My Internet site : Thank you for very good site

Philippe Berard2003-04-22 00:59:34
Congratulations for the excellent work!!! I praise your site and recommend it to everyone I know. Considering this print was one of Escher's best, even in his own opinion, doing what you have done is a TOUR de FORCE and a useful one at that! Mille remerciements encore une fois. Bravo! Philippe A. Berard Fresno California USA

Gordon2003-04-17 18:43:03
If you like Escher and have a sense of humor, check this out! - search for 'Escher Feet' Pass it on if you like it! Thanks. Gordon

piet van Caldenborgh2003-04-16 19:43:26
Ik heb een presentatie gehoord over het schildedrij Galerie van escher, dat door wiskundigen bewerkt is om het oningevulde deel alsnog in te vullen

Steve2003-04-16 18:57:16

frank zappa2003-04-13 15:52:29
big hell-ow from algeria, escher is a little highlander, very good site.

us2003-04-08 09:50:30
i like his work i can see us using it

laura and abbie2003-04-08 09:41:55
was he an artist or a mathematics

Chris Tyrer2003-04-07 12:41:19
there are some very good pictures i do hope you do send some more from your son arthur. Be wierd dude!

James Ellis2003-04-06 23:27:20
Very good stuff. What an interesting excersise!!

Jim Bryan2003-04-04 20:10:33
Great job!! I'd love to see you create more Esher-like works of art by starting with some other x256 scale invariant picture and applying the same method.

yovanny2003-04-04 16:13:24
necesito con caracter de urgencia fotorafias de los diferentes graficos de mcescher

iris2003-04-04 09:34:34
wat ik me afvraag is of escher echt niet wist wat hij ermee verder moest. misschien vond hij het mooi zo en hd verder geen zin meer

Lars 2003-04-04 07:16:49