Escher and the Droste effect


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Nitsa Movshovitz-Hadar2003-03-31 19:17:38
This is AWESOME !!! Nitsa

Ratoslov2003-03-31 16:42:24
I wish more mathematicians and computer scientists would use mathematics and computers to create objects of beauty like this. Truely, this is an amazing work. I wonder about the man, watching himself. Who is he, such that his entire universe of Malta and the picture gallery loops in on itself?

playstaion24@hotmail.com2003-03-31 11:40:15
a very good site

John2003-03-28 22:08:44
You guys have made a truly exceptional website!!! I am very grateful that minds like Escher's and yours are out there thinking and doing.... Keep it up! Om Shanti... John

J.H. van Bemmel2003-03-25 10:46:50
Wat een schitterende animatie gebaseerd op een creatieve oplossing van de 'anomalie' van Esscher. Een nieuwe en moderne brug is geslagen tussen Kunsten en Wetenschappen. Veel complimenten!

Jeroen Zuur2003-03-24 19:49:05
Good work. I taped it when it was on TV. Never realised there was a web site. I was looking for info on Escher. I am Impressed.

Corina Koning2003-03-24 10:58:48
this is a very great site

Dave Banks2003-03-23 03:44:18

Mirjam2003-03-20 23:35:41
Hallo, Naar aanleiding van jullie analyse van de tekening van Escher, ben ik op zoek naar de tekeningen van alle 8 stappen. Zijn deze ook te koop, of is uitprinten de enige optie? Ik wil geen copyright schenden. Vriendelijke groet, Mirjam

Annelieke2003-03-20 13:11:47
Hoi allemaal! Ik kom jullie gastenboek even overnemen *gnagna* . Ik ben namelijk van plan om volgend jaar te gaan studeren in Leiden en ik ben heel erg op zoek naar een (stijl)danspartner van tussen de 15 en 25 o.i.d. Ikzelf dans nu goudster en wil volgend jar graag verder in de topklas en eventueel andere soorten dansen zoals Agentijnse Tango/ rock 'n roll. Dus ben of ken je iemand die dansen ook heel leuk vindt, e-mail me dan alsjeblieft:! Tnx.... groetjes, Annelieke

Mels Lenstra2003-03-19 14:53:24
Cool effect, especially ion&sub=avi&a=0&b=1 this one!

jennifer2003-03-19 09:33:30
i'm very pleased by your work i wanted that i could do somting like that

Javier Rosa2003-03-19 06:31:39
Wonderful web-site that lets me better appreciate Escher's work. Your contribution is a part of the work because without your assistance the entire work may never have come to us at all.

rene heijl2003-03-18 13:46:16
looking for pickts

Merethe and Sophie!2003-03-18 08:39:06
Hey you!! Nice page... Not bad! A little hello from Denmark, Aarhus... We love you very much, and you have inspiered us so much... We pray for you every day and night. You are our hero! Escher forever!!! Big hugs from Denmark!

Mary and Melanie2003-03-18 08:37:24
Hi! Cool site! : ) Regards from Denmark! We're big fans! We love ya! ;)

Hummeling2003-03-17 08:35:22
Greetings en good luck

H. Kemal Ilter2003-03-16 22:42:16
Yes, one of secret of Escher's works is Droste effect. Many secrets (crystallographic, topologic, stereometric,...) waiting to reveal. Thanks for your hard work, and colloboration of your work.

Danielle en Iris 2003-03-14 12:43:24
hoi hallo alles goed met ons wel we hopen dat jullie snel wat van jullie laten horen mssel

zouher2003-03-13 08:39:18
it's good

henrike2003-03-12 15:02:29
hoi, ik ga een wiskundewerkstuk maken over escher, heeft iemand toevallig iets leuks of nuttigs?? groetjes henrike

libbe jan2003-03-11 13:14:32
hoi ik find dit wol leuk

Dexter Mackie2003-03-10 03:08:53
Hey...I am a student taking Visual Arts and I'm focusing deeply on Escher's keen artistry. Do you have any information on him I can have by mail or electronically? Bye bye!

esther2003-03-04 18:38:05
hallo ! ik ben een meisje van 14 en ik volg een kunstrichting in school , namelijk in turnhout.ik moet een trimesterwerk maken over escher , hij intreseert mij best wem . heeft iemand informatie over escher waar ik iets mee kan doen? over hoe hij geleefd heeft ofzo ? stuur het a.u.b. naar m'n e-mail adres! dank u wel! xxxx

joke weistra2003-02-27 21:12:22

Mei 2003-02-27 07:33:12
Prof. Lenstra's lecture on this work with his colleagues is even more entertaining than this Web site. If you have the opportunity to hear him at your local university, it's worth trying to fit it into your schedule.

Michael Breslin2003-02-26 06:55:22
Thank you for your notice and the education over the internet. I received your notice too late to attend. I hope to be notified of other Dutch Study presentations.

khaldeyah Awwad2003-02-25 19:54:08
I am really blown away by this work of art. I would like to know more about it

Antoinette Gordy2003-02-24 04:22:38
I went to a lecture by Professor Hendrik Lenstra Jr. today, organized by NAUL (Netherlands America University League of California) at UC Berkeley. Dr. Lenstra talked about Escher's lithograph "Print Gallery", explained the Droste effect and showed the computer animations produced by a team of mathematicians at your university. The audience was fascinated and greatly appreciated the explanation given about this remarkable drawing. I have been an Escher fan for a long time.

korny2003-02-23 12:27:07
this is very cool. why escher himself didn't thought of "finishing" this work like he did in his circle limits? if he was still alive, he would surely be very interested in this mathematical review of his work.

Frank Wilczek2003-02-21 22:55:20
Congratulations on a marvelous piece of work.

Alan McCallum2003-02-20 20:43:38
Hi, I just looked thru your site and was impressed. I suppose anyone who is intrigued by Escher's grafix would be so. I will be back. If you want an idea how about trying to a) visualize some views thru Jorge Luis Borges' 'Library of Babel' then b) apply your five step grid transformation process? Good work people. Alan

\"Brother\" John D. Wooldridge2003-02-19 21:45:11
I'm interested in corresponding with anyone who has any information, references, or links regarding use of any HALLUCINOGEN(S) by ESCHER.

Jamie Tucker2003-02-18 17:26:30
hi, i love M.C.Eschers work its fun and amazing how he can draw this stuff.

dhr. Jo-an Sanders2003-02-17 13:05:27
lezing gehoord op nationale wiskunde dagen. Geweldig!

R.J.Heynis2003-02-17 10:41:24
A very interesting website !

Arno Graber2003-02-16 19:01:45
NICENICENICE!! Very nice your page...

Rob Haster2003-02-14 11:06:37
Deze site vergroot mijn bewondering voor Escher exponentieel, zonder dat die gelijk blijft..... Knap staaltje werk van jullie!! Op de ouderdag van de Universiteit Leiden heb je deze materie inspirerend gepresenteerd, Hans!

Ljiljana Lazicic-Putnik2003-02-14 10:12:19
Fascinating of images!I begin a New Millennium every week!Congradulations!

PAUL HEIJNEN2003-02-13 12:21:25
Why not text in serveral languages?

Harry Larman2003-02-12 20:49:15
Hofstadter states in GEB that the picture is necessarily incomplete. Is this true?

Ray Lee2003-02-12 04:09:24
Hey, can I help you do more of these? I'd love to use Dr. Suess images :)

KB2003-02-07 16:41:45
I was strongly impressed by the work you've done!! Thank You

Rajeev R Ramprakash2003-02-06 11:11:21
This is most fabulous!! I am intrigued. Will be back for more.

Gerjan Bossenbroek2003-02-04 09:53:11
Fantastisch genoten van de presentatie op de Nationale Wiskunde Dagen. Op deze manier wordt wetenschap toegankelijk gemaakt. En nu maar wachten op de mooist denkbare screensaver!!

Anna Rodenhausen2003-02-03 14:43:25
This web site is great!

giovanni curcio2003-02-03 05:53:43
this is the most amazing this i have ever seen is this for real???!!

Andrea2003-02-02 18:00:55
Leuke lezing in Maastricht, afgelopen week. Ik hoop ook dat er een screensaver komt! Succes met deze projecten. Ik vind het van groot belang dat wetenschap 'leuk' gemaakt wordt.

Erik Kauffeld2003-02-02 17:38:38
Een perfecte lezing tijdens de Nationale Wiskunde Dagen (NWD) in Noordwijkerhout. Mijn complimenten voor dit prachtig stukje techniek. Ook de site is erg goed. Ik hoop dat er nog een screensaver komt. Succes verder.

Mini2003-02-02 02:02:18
ur art work RULZ.... xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xx da 1 where he drew an eye in da middle of a hand.