Escher and the Droste effect


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Gies2002-08-23 19:47:12+00
Goed zeg, de Jac Niessen van het NWO (zie 20 berichtjes lager) verstaat zijn vak. En eigenlijk best wel knap dat Escher 50 jaar geleden al zo krom kon denken ;-) Kan ik ergens nog meer informatie over dat computerprogramma vinden?

françois bakker2002-08-23 19:47:12+00
Prachtig gedaan, een mooie site hoewel de wiskunde mij wat hoog gegrepen is. De animatie maakt veel goed. Het is ook goed om te zien dat theoretisch onderzoek tot mooie dingen kan leiden. Volgens mij pleit dit soort werk er voor dat universiteiten meer moeten doen dan alleen toegepast onderzoek in opdracht van het bedrijfsleven. Heeft onze nieuwe minister van OCW deze site al gezien?

frank jungbauer2002-08-23 19:27:39+00

Chris van Offeren2002-08-23 19:17:38+00
URL op 23 aug 2002 gezien op pag 192 van Teletekst en meteen een kijkje genomen op de site. Mijn kennis van wiskunde is te gering om te begrijpen wat u precies heeft gedaan, maar de tekeningen en animaties vind ik facinerend. Ik kan altijd vol verbazing kijken naar de tekeningen van Escher en uw animaties zijn misschien nog wonderlijker. Heel mooi!

Jack2002-08-23 19:16:08+00
Om welke tekening gaat et?

Freddy Kicken2002-08-23 19:11:09+00
subliem afgewerkt, een genot om naar te kijken, een echte aanrader!

Kwint2002-08-23 19:08:30+00
wat tt192 al niet vermag op een vrijdagavond: schitterend! en voor eenieder; pak er voor alle zekerheid (voor volledig begrip) een MPEG bij.

martin jan2002-08-23 19:00:14+00
prachtig. interessant bovendien, en fijne filmpjes want pas toen begreep ik het...

Paul op de Weegh2002-08-23 18:59:02+00
Heel goed gedaan, chapeau!

Michel Grun2002-08-23 18:58:12+00
Buitengewoon en indrukwekkend werk, Boeiende site !!!

liesbeth kuper2002-08-23 18:50:08+00
Fantastisch!! Sprankelend idee en prachtig uitgewerkt.

Geert van den Berg2002-08-23 18:46:43+00
Goed werk verricht!

Lemmers Eric2002-08-23 18:46:19+00
Thank you for the attention to Mr.Escher

Geert van den Berg2002-08-23 18:45:43+00
Goed werk verricht!

Eric Verlind2002-08-23 18:45:26+00
Seems like quite a nice piece of work to me. My friend commented "what is it good for"? Well... I dunno, but the sheer beauty is... infinite! Eric Verlind, Leuven - Belgium

CATCRACK2002-08-23 18:39:56+00
YEAHHHHH! Super vet man!! Catcrack Holland!

H. Daale2002-08-23 18:18:27+00
Very nice. Looks perfect. A missing link...

Govert Schilling2002-08-23 17:05:50+00
A wonderful piece of work and a fascinating result! However, it's really too bad (given the fact that both Maurits Escher and Hendrik Lenstra are Dutch) that the first publicity about this project has been generated outside the Netherlands...

Hans Dam2002-08-23 16:26:13+00
Fantastisch! Knap werk en nog mooi ook! WISKUNST.

l.g.m.dapperens2002-08-23 16:13:29+00
Kende dit werk van Escher nog niet. In een Woord FormidabelGeweldig.

jac niessen2002-08-23 13:09:32+00
Fantastisch werk, geschikt om wereldkundig te maken! Suggesties nodig?

Robert Yassanye2002-08-20 12:35:59+00
Dear Sirs/Madams, Thank you for the great site! Nowhere else have I found such clear and informative explanations of how M. C. Escher created his works. Keep up your fine Robert Yassanye

Geert Stappers2002-08-20 08:45:51+00
Mooi stuk werk. Het is voor mij de eerbetoon die M.C. Escher toekomt. Geert St

Manfred Sawicki2002-08-17 23:06:02+00
It is a wonderful image and I would like to see more of them. Congratulation !

pablo grosz2002-08-17 03:07:19+00
Wonderfull. I´d like to use Escher´s drawing, to study the link between the inconscient subject an "the Other". So I would like to know teh formula of thr trasnformations, wich use the parameters. Can you help with the formula?.

Charles H. Bennett2002-08-15 11:45:32+00
Delightful and well done site. I am sure it will delight and educate a wide audience.

Ron2002-08-11 07:49:16+00
Astonishing! piece of art!

Dr. Grayson H. Wheatley2002-08-10 20:17:15+00
Most impressive work! What you have accomplished is an inspiration to us all. I am currently involved in a math and art project with the Asheville, NC Art Museum using the work of Josef Albers, While a long time admirer of Escher's work, you have taken it to a new level. Seeing the lines defining the lithograph and your work was most helpful. Now I want to learn more about elliptic curves. Thank you all for making this exciting math/art work available to us all.

Shai Joseph Moore2002-08-09 12:04:31+00
Ingineaous thought, great work, spectacular results. The way your work illustrates the connection between theory and art does great service to many. I enjoyed your work very much. As was already written by many the applications and extensions of your work are numerous and bountiful. Thanks to your efforts we better understand and appreciate Escher's work, Math, Perception and the visual arts.

Adi Shavit & Arnaud Brejeon2002-08-09 05:29:39+00
COOL! This is so amazing! I've emailed this link to all my friends, and they all loved it. The quality of the images is really superb. The Euclidisation is fascinating and beautifully done. Keep up the good work! Looking forward to your next Escher project, Adi & Arnaud

Jan Bernd ten Berg2002-08-08 18:11:42+00
Erg goed gedaan, maar ik vroeg me af of je ze ook op een formaat zou kunnen maken waardoor ze geschikt zijn als screensaver. JBtB

Mikko Saari2002-08-08 10:12:13+00
A bit weird (my brain hurts already) but definitely fascinating. Good work!

Milena2002-08-08 02:00:17+00
Truly a great website. I find your study fascinating and the website very well designed.

Sushi2002-08-07 17:50:44+00
Wow, gaaf gedaan zeg!! Echt mooi hoe jullie dat ontbrekende stuk gewoon stap voor stap tevoorschijn hebben gehaald! Ik heb het uitgeprint en op de poster geplakt die ik ervan heb :) Nu is hij compleet. Ik heb mijn best gedaan de wiskunde die erachter zit helemaal te begrijpen, maar zover zijn we niet gekomen met W1A bij LS&T (2001) (Dhr. De Smit):) Mijn bewondering is groot.

Phil G2002-08-07 12:45:50+00
Very interesting site here! Thanks for sharing it with the world! I've always been intrigued by Escher, now I know why. What a genius!

Christian Eggermont2002-08-06 09:04:29+00
Altijd al afgevraagd hoe het verder ingevuld zou moeten worden ... schitterend!

Joseph M. Johnson2002-08-05 23:34:10+00
This site conveys the beauty of mathematics to the layman. By that, it does a service to the world community. If only we could more routinely popularize our interpretations of this most natural entity.

Vic Hirsch2002-08-05 17:17:40+00
Your site is the best use of the web I've seen in quite a long time. The animations are especially helpful. Thanks so much!

Jerome Sable2002-08-05 15:50:18+00
I have been in awe of Esher's "Print Shop" for many years. Thanks for illuminating and extending it so beautifully. I will be returning to this site many times.

George W. Hart2002-08-05 15:43:24+00
Wonderful project! Now, can you make a drawing program which allows the user to draw any scene, and includes a provision for specifying a rectangle which displays as a recursive version of the entire drawing. Then the result can be output as an animation using any of your grids. This would allow any of us to play at being Escher...

Shimon Peres2002-08-05 13:47:25+00
erg goed!!!

Laura Donaldson2002-08-03 16:49:15+00
Hello, I am a student at Antioch University Seattle. In our math class, we just learned about fractiles. Could this piece be considered part of this theory? I am a novice concerning these images. However, I thoroughly enjoyed going through the program. I am emailing this address to my instructor. Thank you for sharing. Laura Donaldson

patricia2002-08-03 15:24:08+00
RESPECT It is so wonderfull, before i've seen it I was blind.It opened my eyes so wide.Thank you

Rod McCallum2002-08-03 13:32:57+00
Wow. Who needs drugs to twist their brain? :-) Impressive. Fine work. Fine site. Well done.

Wendi Boettcher2002-08-03 00:10:10+00
P H E N O M E N A L !!! Thank-you, wendi

David B$2002-08-02 21:13:36+00
The animations you have created are stunning indeed. Thanks for providing not just the "spiraling" version but the "right-angle" version as well. It makes the fractal relationship even more apparent. I've been fascinated by self-reference and recursion ever since reading Hofstadter's Gödel, Escher, Bach nearly 20 years ago, and your site makes the links between the art and the mathematics even more clear than in that monumental work. What an insightful use of the available technology--thank you!

Martin J. Rosenblum2002-08-01 22:03:07+00
Great job! I have a block about recursive stuff, and I'm still working on the conformal map, but you've given us scads to digest, recursively! Thanks, so much! -Marty

d r2002-08-01 21:35:32+00
Hitl: what Lincl had to have said to beget assasination

Bob Faulkner2002-08-01 21:19:51+00
Is it Art? or Science? Yes! and Yes!! I've never before seen a more stunning combination of the two. Your work does for Escher's 'Print Gallery' what T.S. Eliot's notes do for 'The Waste Land' -- make it all so completely comprehensible -- but even better. Thank you for so generously sharing your talent and effort. Now, make the reptiles crawl on and off the pad, the monks ascend and descend the stairs, the water flow upward and fall, and all the other marvelous illusions move within their permuted quasi-realities -- as screen savers. You're holding a gold mine in your hands; please, don't disinterestedly walk away from it.

Steve Lehar2002-08-01 13:31:37+00
Wonderful! Beautiful! Excellent! Next: do the calculation in a 3-D space instead of in the flat picture plane. That way, in the animation, you would see relative motion between nearer and farther objects. For example the frame of the "greenhouse" around the gallery would move relative to the frame of the picture behind it, giving a dynamic sensation of 3-D depth, with the picture in the painting repeatedly bursting out of the 2-D picture plane and enveloping the viewer all around. Can it be done? Steve Lehar