Escher and the Droste effect


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June2009-02-05 14:21:45
Nice work. This is a great explanation, and helped 100% on my math paper (summary of the math in Print Gallery). Greatly appreciated, and once again, GREAT JOB!

Kelly DeGon2009-02-02 23:53:36
This is such a great project! I want to thank you for sharing your work. I find it fascinating that Escher is able intuitively adapt to this level of mathematics.

kimberly turner2009-01-25 18:16:00
very interesting work

Johanna Nordgaard2009-01-23 12:18:39
Hi, I have just finished a BSc in product development and design, and during that have I been teaching in art and working with graphic design in a local newspaper. Today I found the main connection between my creative search. To work between the magic and logic, and that made me very happy! I am a big fan of Escher. Thank you for your excellent work with this website.

Emilio Turbay2009-01-18 03:19:19
Escher one of my heroes of the greatness of the human brain.

Carlos M. Morel2009-01-15 10:11:55
Excellent site, congratulations! Carlos M Morel Rio de Janeiro, RJ, Brazil

Georgios2008-12-16 21:04:31
Are we self-referenced objects?

nupanick2008-12-07 23:39:39
That was cool! I loved seeing the animations and how to generate different grids like the one escher used, as well as your explanation of why there's a blotch missing: because that blotch would contain a smaller version of the entire

Brittany2008-12-04 00:35:20
Hi, im brittany and i just wanted to sy that i loved your work and that im an artist myself and that i hope to oneday be as good as you.

Nikolaos Petrakakis2008-11-23 08:18:36
Thank you for a very decent approach, to math art culture.

littlelulu2008-11-18 05:13:09
he is a frekay one

bOnjO2008-11-16 13:09:38
great job. A really interesting retrospective to Escher's work. Congratulations!! bOnjO

Stephen M. Hunt2008-11-12 11:48:24
I thought you might like to know about my play Impossible Steps inspired by Escher's Ascending & Descending. Further info is available at our website, I'd be happy to advise you its details. This play had a three week run at the Rosemary Branch Theatre, London 6 weeks ago. I am planning other UK productions as well as a tour of Holland where I hope to put on the play at Escher's Arnhem school which is said to be his inspiration for Ascending & Descending.

Stephen M. Hunt2008-11-12 11:45:11
I thought you might like to know about my play Impossible Steps inspired by Escher's Ascending & Descending - for further info go to This play had a three week run at the Rosemary Branch Theatre, London 6 weeks ago. I am planning other UK productions, as well as a tour of Holland where I hope to put on the play at Escher's Arnhem school which is said to be his inspiration for Ascending & Descending. Please let me know if a reciprocal link between our sites is of interest to you. Best wishes, Stephen

Thomas Barkow2008-11-12 04:58:36
Prof. Stefenhagen's presentation in Cologne was 10 times better and more coherent and a hundred times more witty than the web-presentation here. For centuries mathmatics lacked of comprehensibility (and often avoided to have) but since two or three decades some protagonists respect understandability. One of them ist Stefenhagen. Thank you, Peter.

Lida2008-11-09 11:28:39
Thanks for explaining the whole procedure so well that I was actually able to understand it! Those animations made my head dizzy! Great site.

Fortino Garza2008-10-31 07:13:58
Thank you for a very decent approach, to math art culture.

Dok Kaan2008-10-23 11:21:37
I have a reasonable collection of his work. I am delighted with this magnificent addendum.

sergio tarango2008-10-03 14:38:34
i am inspired byEschers work

tyomero2008-10-01 15:56:39
A great site, I've never thought about this efect as a mapping in the complex plain. It's great!! I wonder if this was the original intention of Escher?

carrie2008-09-23 21:25:10
um hi HOW DID HE DIE?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

klein2008-09-14 12:02:40
fantastic, hypnotic, perfect. i've always liked escher, but i didn't know how exactly smart and open minded he was.

stephanie nykiforuk2008-09-11 16:15:38
this man has accomplished everything i could dream of becoming.he is the worlds greatest graphic artsit. i own all his books and have done a lot of research about himn and i am truly disapointed that i was born after he died unabling me to ever meet this astonishing man.

Tibor Vamos2008-09-04 20:50:47
Fascinated. Prof. Rónyai draw my attention to your project, I to Escher.

carolyn kinnison2008-09-02 20:19:01
this was unique and interesting love mc

joseph2008-08-29 16:52:15
have an interest in the loop as it related to thought processes ...

Gonzalo Gómez2008-08-25 03:12:36
I have always admired Escher´s work. In books is impossible to see what you have discovered. Thank you.

João2008-08-20 21:43:31
Great work ! thanks for the videos, very enlightning !

angel2008-08-17 05:54:55
this man does nice pictures.... please send some to my email

Smil Ochs2008-08-12 22:05:42
Fascinated by the way our eye is conditined to interpred 3-D effects

stamos2008-07-31 14:53:57

A.P.Roodvoets2008-07-17 12:19:53
Mooie, instructieve site! Tony Roodvoets

C2008-07-08 15:36:48
This is great. I spent the weekend scrutinising a graphic like the ones above trying to figure it out (I was actually tripping), and so with the info on this I can draw my conlusions. Thanks.

mommy2008-06-19 11:45:34
ur mom

Dr Jerome Healy2008-06-13 11:05:13
great Work

Debby Staten2008-06-02 00:46:07
I have to old DROSTE trading cards. I would love to know the age? What there worth? and the history on them. I can send you pictures and would appreciate any help. Thank you Debby

Mats Halldin2008-05-27 18:21:57
Hi, and thanks a lot for the site. I discovered Wikipedia through it in 2003 (but not the guest book until now :D) and the site will always have a place in my heart! Keep rocking / Mats

Jean-Claude Bélanger2008-05-27 03:21:25
Thanks You, Merci de laisser ce merveilleux travail à notre disposition. Quelle qualité de présentation à la hauteur du grand génie que fut Escher!

Chuck2008-05-26 15:28:28
Hello, Congratulations on your excellent project. I would like to know what would be the result if both variables were zero (i.e., a=0 and b=0). I noticed that this combination is absent from the galleries and I was wondering why. Thanks, Chuck.

Claude Crépeau2008-05-26 14:45:25
Radio-Canada, the French language branch of our national radio and television agency aired the documentary "Achever l'inachevable" last night. I must confess I had never heard of your work on this topic before, but really this documentary is a small masterpiece for promoting mathematics and relation to arts. Congratulations for your work and for the quality of this exceptional document these people made from your work. I was really happy to sit with my 9 year old daughter telling her I knew personally all the mathematicians (except for Douglas Hofstadter who I never met) in this movie. She was fascinated with the whole story and solution of the "mystery".

Melanie Kerridge2008-05-26 03:35:47
I watched a documentary about how "filled in the blank". Excellent and fascinating. Love your site.

John Cooke2008-05-25 20:34:52
Thank you for your excellent lecture at Magdalen College, Oxford, yesterday.

jose cano2008-05-21 13:06:53
escher I\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'ll like you to tell me alittle bet about you . I know your name is escher.

ANGELA2008-05-21 05:32:56
he was a genius.

blah2008-05-19 14:08:02
omg nice site for my paper ah.

Matt Amy2008-05-08 16:25:27
Amazing. My head is spinning just thinking about this!

Ernö Keszei2008-05-04 14:48:39

kai2008-05-01 15:06:09
you are gay

Guglielmo2008-04-30 12:25:41
wow nice site.... and i'm now going to hear a conference in Pisa exactely about this subject

umberto sampieri2008-04-29 21:12:54
interesting. reached the site via I am a former mathematician graduated in Normale. At present in business but always fascinated by math and its application. please add my name to your mailing list