Escher and the Droste effect


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Ursula Schroeter2008-04-25 09:43:56
Heard the talk by Prof. Stevenhagen yesterday in Konstanz. Wow! I had already been fascinated by the loop idea in maths since Goedel-Escher-Bach. But I had never had the clue as to how the picture-gallery picture worked. Thanks for the mesmerizing explanation. ... and showing how to take log of a picture. Suppose I shall be looking for Droste-effects each time in the supermarket from now on.

Stephen Hernandez2008-04-17 03:03:28
Amazing work.

Kai Middleton2008-04-02 18:39:54
Do you have higher resolution versions of these images? They are amazing.

Susanna Risa2008-03-27 18:19:09
I heard Prof. Lenstra's lecture at Math Festival in Rome... what can I say? You all made a truly fascinating work, perfectly balanced between math, art and disclosure... not to mention humour. Thanks for sharing it on your site!

Sheridan2008-03-24 15:57:59

Ali Legenhausen2008-03-20 08:17:49
Hello. Nice pictures. Very interesting. I have a book of Escher drawings. I wonder if something similar could be done with any of his other drawings. Have you drawn any other pictures based on similar mathematical principles?

Brian Davis2008-03-19 16:50:05
Facinating! Absolutley Facinating! Will there ever be another Escher???

Gianni Campanile2008-03-17 08:25:56
Dear prof. Lenstra, your lecture about Escher and Droste effect was exteremly interesting, clear and very amusing, even for my 11 years old son. Thanks again, and I hope you\\\'ll be here in Rome next year.

Michele Ranieri2008-03-16 22:53:09
Dear prof. Lenstra Thank you very much for your lecture at Math's Festival today in Rome. Nice, clear and exciting! I won't find peace until I draw a "-3 snakes". I'm studying computer science and I wish I had teachers like you.

Antonio Ianiero2008-03-16 18:48:19
Dear prof. Lenstra, this morning I attended your utterly interesting lecture here in Rome at Math's Festival, and I would like to thank you for the clear explanation and the beautiful Mathematic you shared with us! Antonio Ianiero

Joel G. Sanders2008-03-12 07:55:38
I have a sliding block puzzle black and white cranes(?) of design M. C. Escher "E 128" made by Pussycat in Bad Salzfluen Germany distributed by Cordon Art Baarn Holland. Does anyone know of this and movements technique of the tiles to arrange the puzzle?

Richard Fine2008-03-11 02:35:26
I recently viewed the documentary "Achieving the Unachievable," which reminded me of the influence that M. C. Escher's work has had on my life. I have been creating abstract graphics for nearly 40 years, and would never have started had I not seen some of his works as a teenager. Thank you!!

david dahlgren2008-03-09 14:57:35
Neat stuff! I am intrigued by the fact that artists were needed to do what mathematicians and computers found impossible - something mentioned in the Robinson article in SIAM News. What we are looking at is beyond the bend in a Möbius strip - on the other side of the looking glass and perhaps even some transforming view caught in the bend itself. If there is so much math in this drawing how much is there in a story by De Maupassant or a fugue by J. S. Bach ! The realm of creativity is nothing if not "curiouser and curiouser." Keep looking in. Dave

Tony Jones2008-03-08 21:01:58
Are we talking about the center of the whorl?

Tony Jones2008-03-07 22:35:13
Is the hole in the center of the whorl an infinity?

HAha2008-03-02 04:36:49
why his painting have no color?

for Kaka poop2008-03-02 04:35:42
The reason that his toilet is so far away he can't even run there in an hour!

Gego2008-03-02 04:33:41
Escher is so smart, I even need to do a research project on him what a good thing to have this website!

George Wu2008-03-02 04:31:10
What a nice thing you guys have done, but it is still not perfect .

hatice2008-02-29 17:47:43
As logical it is, these pages are great for the information.

Floriano S R2008-02-25 19:47:34
very special person.good to know he was here. that´s real art

ron davis2008-02-23 09:29:14
just discovered both escher and droste but find it similar to work done recently by banyi. Mostly sold as children books. I was wondering if there is a connection.

Kenna2008-02-23 01:22:31
Escher is sooo sweet!

johanna2008-02-16 10:49:16
literary ''intrigueing'' . I saw this site about 2 years ago when i worked as a librarian in a lawyersoffice. The term "DROSTE-effect" is also applicable in some cases, but i could not find an example. Some days ago i visited the exhibition '' the dream of Piranesi in the Teylers museum in Haarlem " There you can see and experience Escher's great inspirator. And ! a reason to get back to this site also! BTW, I own some old DROSTE tin's , however i am storing tea in it...

twicky2008-02-13 08:28:44

tom2008-02-13 08:27:41
inpressionant!!! he is a genious!!!! juste brillant!! and a incredible from Leiden University!!!!

johnsmith2008-01-29 20:47:26
i love this picture

Kakapoop2008-01-28 13:31:51
what is the reason Escher never made it to the toilet on time

John Rood2008-01-02 23:00:53
Very Cool! Math, CG, the modern world! Completion of an inspiration.

bruce wilhelm2007-12-30 03:45:04
I just watched your Princeton lecture and it was great. I hope you guys have recieved a lot of money to start your next project. I have been making some short loop stop motion animations and ran into some funny math problems luckily my little brother works for a company doing AI research. Any way good luck with your projects in the future.

nicole 2007-12-22 20:57:05
ok guys is it me in the "droste effect", "The resulting Droste picture is preserved under scaling by a factor 256=28. You can view this picture as a cycle of 8 frames, each time zooming in by a factor of 2." there is a white face in that picture (the patch of white next to the painting of the boat.)

Ines L. Merrill2007-12-07 00:15:34
My grand parents were Conrad and My granparents were Conrad and Rose Droste. Could they be the same ? My Mother was born in America but my Grand parents came from Germany

Merry-Ann2007-12-06 18:25:36
hmm it si good

Veronika 2007-12-03 21:23:33
I like this web sides. Im trying to find new principles of MCE works and I think this work perfectly. Thank you very much Im enjoy to see Im not alone at this world without fantasy. b JOIN MCEworld!!!! /b

Hollie2007-11-29 20:43:33
Looking for interesting facts

chris2007-11-29 01:21:35
pretty cool i like what you did i enjoyed the videos it helped to show what he did inside of his works with the droste effect it was cool to see them straigtened out also

Mish2007-11-28 05:11:25
Wow! That's a really amazing peice of artwork. I'd been wondering about that white spot for quite some time. I'm glad there's some people out here who attempt stuff like this!

LASZLO AJKAI PAPP2007-11-27 20:27:06
Thanks for your great work! Wish M.C.E could see .. this exciting brilliant team work. APL

M9ike2007-11-17 07:07:01
This site is very interesting. Thank you for sharing the knowledge with the world. Greets, M9ike

Stamon \"Crepe\" Jackson2007-11-15 03:43:07
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Pferdone2007-11-09 09:01:09
Freak..but talented!

Lawrence 2007-11-05 02:19:03
Thank you for the great Escher screen-saver.

cory ench2007-11-03 18:43:06
I have been studying Eschers art for years being an artist myself and this project of your brings so much more clarity to how Escher's print works. Amazing project and very well done! :)

David Kranz2007-11-02 17:23:14
I just viewed Jean Bergeron's film last evening. I had to visit your site to see the visual details of the solution - wonderful!

Jill Houghton2007-11-02 03:28:20
Wow! and WoW! Fantastic Site: beautiful work beautifully presented. I particularly like your set up of the grid page! Thanks for making it available to plebs like me.

Wes Devore2007-10-30 02:39:15
I was able to attend a lecture by Dr. de Smit at Western Kentucky University over this topic which was fascinating but I was unable to describe it to friends. Thanks for the site

Art Scott2007-10-16 23:57:51
I love chocolate repeatedly.

maria de meersman2007-10-07 16:52:55
snap het verband niet tussen ESCHER en het Droste effect

maria de meersman2007-10-06 17:17:44
just curious

Min Zhang(unicorn)2007-09-15 12:43:21
Sorry,my English is poor.But I have a question. Does the droste effect have the similar idea of the concept of Friedrieh Nietzsche --the heart's reflection on the world,heart is a part of the world,the reflection contains the heart itself(in my word,not accurate)? Thank you.