Escher and the Droste effect


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Chris2007-09-13 13:46:13
I never knew that there was more to these peices of art than what i have seen at this wesite today!!!

gordon 2007-09-04 02:16:07
This is by far MC's best I have been privlidged enough to know his work because his popularity was not recognized in the small town of Gulfport, Ms. as I have lived there I have friends who collect art in the colorodo and texas areas where he was more recognized thanks for the visual stimulation that I have found on this site.

Matt2007-08-14 17:26:20
This is a great site and excellent explanation of the Droste effect. I enjoyed all the content this site had to offer.

Joe Heft2007-07-29 19:59:34
Interesting site.

William Post2007-07-20 19:06:51
Keep me informed.

F.J. van der Vat2007-07-15 13:46:56
Nice work to solve the \\\"problem\\\", on the other hand; the blind spot brings some mystery into it now that is gone forever.

F.J. van der Vat2007-07-15 13:42:07
Mooi dat dat is opgelost, aan de andere kant; die blinde vlek heeft ook wel iets mysterieus dat is nu voorgoed verdwenen.

unicorn2007-07-11 15:06:53
Thank you.

Mike2007-07-10 21:13:07
I'm doing a project on Escher, and one of the assignments on this project is to write a report on one of his works. I chose Print Gallery, and, lo and behold, I found this site. The Drost Effect will certainly be a great addition, you are most definitely going down as a source. Nice work!

Han-xi Wang2007-07-09 14:52:48
Wow, it was amazing the work you had done , WELL DONE!!! Escher is one of my favourite artists. Maths is all over his works, and it really reminds me of Leonardo Da Vinci!

CK Lin2007-07-08 09:59:18
A successful project. Nicely done.

GrfxDziner2007-07-07 19:45:33
Thank you so much for this information. This is truly fantastic. You make the effect understood so easilly. Wonderful animations and step by step.

Michael Karpman2007-07-05 18:16:14
It occurred to me that the video would also be interesting if viewed in reverse so that we would get the perspective of moving out from the print.

Miki2007-07-01 16:45:13
Fantastic site; very informative.It blow me away; I will visit many, many times.

Michael Karpman2007-06-22 04:28:16
Your accomplishment is every bit as amazing as Escher's. You have illustrated something profound, beyond just the art and mathematics of your creation. No matter how great a talent someone possesses their work can be improved upon. I encourage you to make available a large size print of your "improved" Print Gallery. When I say large, I mean large enough that at least two levels of recursion will be visible to the naked eye. If you decide to sell these prints please get in touch with me by email.

Rich Dahlgren2007-06-15 08:30:18
amazing stuff! what a fascinating mystery, and to unravel it like this is wild! good work!!

Sue Angert2007-06-12 10:32:09
I have purchashed a 1943 Reptiles Lithograph and LOVE it!!! Thank You for having and sharing such talent.

Sue Angert2007-06-12 10:29:33
I have purchashed a 1943 Reptiles Lithograph and LOVE it!!! Thank You for having and sharing such talent.

Max Montauk2007-06-08 22:39:16
About 15 years ago, while working on a Sun workstation, I was always wondering about the provenience of the 'escherknot' on the X11 background (the world wide web was in its infancy).

Raymond Rogers2007-06-08 18:47:40

Michael Angelo2007-06-08 16:23:23
I am always inspired by his work...genuine unique creation

Franky_Dson2007-06-07 08:56:38
M C Escher is my loveliest artist , he did me better

chezea19932007-06-06 14:19:03
to be or not to be

Arturo2007-06-04 20:45:09
Wow, very interesting work, thank you very much, I will probably spend a couple of days looping all the video's thinking of what a genius Escher was and what a genius you are :D...... from Italy

fred2007-06-04 18:59:52
Nice site, i am doing a presentation about m.c. escher and maybe this site can be useful. I totally don't get it but that doesn't matter.. tnx :-D

monica2007-05-26 17:39:21
desenho feito por Escher é maravilhoso. Monica Brasil

nehemiah2007-05-19 00:48:04
have you considered a fractle distribution of the image or a vector graphic representation of your image? infinitely scalability can be achieved with this.

Cindee Kueny2007-05-06 14:53:32
I was fascinated by your lecture downloaded for the internet. After visiting your web site I would like to know more about the mapping techniques used to generate the various images. I would also like to know more about the Droste effect used by other artists. Beautiful work!

Roberto Lee M Njeru2007-05-02 17:41:09
wierd and wonderful world of mathematics. I enjoyed the concepts and will definitely look up this subject again. Boeing Technical Author.

Aa\'Tiauna2007-04-17 18:47:49
i really like yo web site

francine reynolds2007-04-16 12:34:53
just looking

J.W. van Mook2007-04-13 10:36:43
In the non-rotating MPG-animation of the Print Gallery that demonstrates the Droste effect, I noticed something funny. On the left of the gallery, a print of Mobius-strip II is exhibited. Escher made Mobius-strip II in 1963. The Print Gallery was made in 1956. So the MPG-Print Gallery exhibits a print that does not exist.

Maria2007-04-10 14:01:03
I am thrilled at coming across this website of M.C. Escher's works. I have been inspired today to once again pick up a pencil and once again begin to draw. Thank you for the time and effort put into developing such an exhibition.

Jose Manuel2007-04-07 23:15:59
MCEscher´s pictures are actually in an exhibition in Madrid (Spain). It is so great, and the one that thrilled me was this great \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"Galería de Grabados\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\" (in Spanish). If you can, come to visit it. Simply irresitible!!!

Lisa2007-04-04 19:42:48
I attended the lecture at Princeton on April 3, 2007. It was fabulous. I am a high school math teacher and I have to figure out a way to share this with my geometry classes. Wow! Thank you so much for lecture and the amazing website.

Lynn2007-04-04 16:33:06
The lecture at Princeton was fabulously entertaining and breathtaking. This site is awesome and will be visited often.

N2007-04-04 12:42:32
Hey, where's the Droste box animation?

Clinton R. LeFort2007-03-31 18:47:23
Bravo! I heard about your work thru the Princeton Lecture Series, kindness of Nathan Savir of the Princeton Math Club.Best to you and your fellow Mathematicians,ArtisticRenderers. Clinton R. LeFort

Kayley2007-03-26 21:36:59
Mc Escher is awesome and radical i love his drawings and hes a hottie

Cody Burkett2007-03-26 19:52:04
You need better skillz

G. Jan Vielvoye2007-03-25 21:00:25
A beautifull explanation of a marvelous picture.

Sean McGee2007-03-23 20:05:13
Thank you

Henk E.D.J. ter Keurs2007-03-21 19:43:45
This charming analysis enhances the brilliance of Escher.

Cheri Jerolamon2007-03-21 17:02:54
Why is this necessary?

monkoh2007-03-14 20:37:23
very interesting quotes

chloe ralston2007-03-13 08:16:31
we have the same name, chloe

sdfasdf2007-03-10 16:44:21
Hi all! Very nice site!

Henk Hooijschuur2007-03-10 13:08:34
Na een prachtige lezing met uitstekend beeldmateriaal door Bart de Smit op de Moderne Wiskunde Dag d.d. 8 maart 2007 geeft deze site een prima mogelijkheid ook collega\\\'s van de wiskunde- én TeHaTex-sectie mee te laten genieten.

Andre Meiresonne2007-03-08 00:20:55
this animation is really great! THNX!!! hypnotizing!

Antonio2007-03-06 20:22:48