Escher and the Droste effect


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Melissa2007-03-05 17:46:03
I had to do a paper in my mate class about MC Escher. I had no idea who he was or why we were looking at him in math class. But I found that he was a great man. My favorite picture that he did was the Mezzotint. I love the skull in the eye. To me it says to look death in the eye. I maybe compleatly wrong but this is coming from a 16 year old student. I have found that I like a lot of his work and i had to thank my math teacher for making us do this paper. Melissa

Theoni2007-03-04 20:49:17
This is exciting and fascinating work whether seem by the eyes of an mathematician or an artist. Thank you for an excellent and thorough explanation, and topped off with superb animation.

Stefano2007-03-01 16:37:26
Brilliant explanation. Cheers!

vivian sherman2007-02-20 19:51:39
i thought this was a cool site. thanx 4 putting it here! i didnt know what it was called until i came here. thanx! vivian

Danilo2007-02-20 02:53:39
Fuck Meeee! I am so impressed! Really!

Stephen B. Stuart2007-02-15 05:33:48
Wonderful site

Ben Rosengart2007-02-15 05:05:59
Cool website! Thanks for sharing.

jorge2007-02-12 02:15:02
I visit in Madrid, yesterdey, the great exposition about this artist. I think it is marvellous¡¡ Pensaba que era un autor minoritario, pero me encontré con una cola de casi una hora.Mereció la pena. Es fantastica.

tess2007-02-09 23:23:49
Genial, me gusta, un trabajo impresionante gracias Very good, i like your impressive work! thanks!

André Kok2007-02-09 10:59:47
Mooi werk! Het is jammer dat jullie de witte rand aan de bovenkant van de prent in de galerij zo groot hebben gemaakt, groter dan in het origineel van Escher. Nu is het wachten op een programma om je eigen foto's te transformeren.

Cees 2007-02-07 23:27:42
Interessant, jullie onderzoek! Wat jullie volgens mij niet weten: Escher ontwierp ook een blik voor Droste, waarvan er ook een paar duizend zijn gemaakt! Als jullie belangstelling hebben: ik ken iemand die zo'n blik heeft. Cees Bronsveld, Rotterdam

chane2007-02-07 13:32:51
dis website iz so cool yo except 4 the part where my teacher made stay just on that website his name is mr. mulvoy

Schenker2007-02-02 18:24:54
I've just seen an expo of Escher's works in Madrid (Spain) and this one has shocked me. They have put the paint side by side with a TV playing the animations you have here and I couldn't stop looking. Simply amazing. When I returned home I started to look the animation in the web and find them here. Thank you.

Jos2007-01-31 20:11:36
I liked the animation. It was cool!

Al Shepparad2007-01-30 15:15:08
Can anyone offer me information on how I can make photos similar to the Escher images? I would greatly appreciate the help. Al Sheppard Los Angeles

carter Beckett2007-01-26 05:16:28
Thank you so much for writing such an amazing screen-saver and distributing it for free !

felipe carvajal2007-01-26 01:46:56
Sencillamente impresionante,como Scher dijo:" Me siento mas cerca de los matematicos que de mis colegas."

Tom Braunlich2007-01-25 03:12:01
The animation is one of the most amazing things I've ever seen; truly. Great job. Your work lives up to Escher's genius!

bob macdonld2007-01-18 19:18:15
Absulootly RUBBISH!!! It cud not be any it needs more pictures of homer simpson!

bob macdonld2007-01-18 19:16:17
i fink ur site iz ok nofink special. There cud be more bout Escher.

Jelle van den brink2007-01-15 15:06:47
We moesten wel heel erg lachen om de animatie waarbij we steeds maar weer het mannetje naar de schilderijen zagen kijken, maar ik vind het ook heel erg nep dat jullie ook Escher-tekeningen gaan maken. Jelle, 7 jaar

lewos jerome2007-01-15 09:40:05
hello evry1 hu is kwl

joe2007-01-10 14:42:30
there is no pictures and it sucks

Carrie Wright2007-01-05 09:44:41
no message

Mari2007-01-02 23:12:07
Very cool. ~m.

Rachel Windsor2007-01-02 13:28:51
m.c. escher is the best there are lots of web sites to see him on M.C. ESCHER IS THE ARTIST OF THE WORLD!!!!!!!!!

Mike2006-12-28 03:32:38
Thank you for the videos. I'm using them in my video podcast.

Lucía2006-12-26 01:42:54
Thank you for this AMAZING explanation.

Reina Murillo2006-12-17 06:43:17
I like him

alicia2006-12-16 05:42:31
tessallations suck to make but they are sweet to look at when they are done... rock on M. C. Escher!!!

Frank Sjoukes2006-12-08 12:07:51
Ik heb altijd bewondering gehad voor het werk van Escher. De matematisch achtergronden hebben mij altijd verbaasd. Nu ik dit zie vraag ik mij af of dit ook met andere platen van Escher gedaan kan worden.

Jensen Roth 2006-12-07 13:24:40
This is a wonderful site and is a wealth of information for any math or art student. Thanks, Jensen Roth

Peter2006-12-03 12:46:26

John Ferreirinho2006-11-29 13:15:26
The art and mathematics integration is indeed amazing.

Pat Elvin2006-11-26 23:44:32
You've expanded my enjoyment of Escher's work tremendousley. Many thanks

noomsh2006-11-18 00:36:00
nice ... really .. .. really nice ... :-)

Mr Seattle2006-11-16 16:33:07
Just looking

Rich Bauer2006-11-16 15:52:30
I attended a talk by Professor Lenstra at the U of Washington on 11-15-2006. It was WONDERFUL! What a witty, urban man. I'm an amateur math person, but I found his lecture very clear. I also enjoyed the questions he asked (he stumped me every time). Since I've long loved Escher's work, it compounded my delight to see the mathematics behind this particular work of art. Thanks to the collective group for the time and effort on this analyis and animation enterprise. Sincerely, Rich Bauer

yehh 2006-11-06 02:22:14
thatssssssssssssssssssssssss sooooooooooooooooo cooooooooooooolllllllllllllllllllllll

Mz Bl0nd2006-11-06 02:05:28
i totali agree wit the ppl underneath mee his lyk soo yesterdeii im tellin u gucci is the new escherr ppl this iss soooooooo stupid im onli here c0z inhva 2 do reseach foh myt schul workk

ivOna laNa n heeLa2006-11-06 02:03:25
heyy i think escher work is soo good im like totalii in love with him hess sooo HOTTTTT!!!!! NOTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT.... HES WORK IS REALII SHIT Y DO UZ ALL LIKE HIM FREAKSS.COM

GentleGiant2006-11-05 20:58:31
Wow! The combination between math and art is just amazing!

anj2006-10-27 09:47:31
i;ve been interested in escher and am planning to do an internal assesment for school based on your conclusion( which i think is awesome!) cud you send me some more info on the work u guys did?

tim mclaughlin2006-10-20 20:30:06

chloe ralston2006-10-16 17:09:03
hey escher how r u i know ur ij da dead bt ohwell

Hannah2006-10-15 15:06:17
whateva M.C Esher is a loser

Rehcse2006-10-14 23:20:57
¡Fantástico! Impresionante

usha2006-10-14 14:37:06
nice site

oloman2006-10-14 11:40:19
I liked this site. Original.

polly2006-10-12 17:39:09
hia i love eschers work and im doing my GCSE course art at the moment (im in year 10) i need some of the drawings he does of different things put together inn like a collage kinda. u might not no but thts the onli way i can describe it. bie bie x xx