Escher and the Droste effect



This project is an initiative of Hendrik Lenstra of the Universiteit Leiden. and the University of California at Berkeley. Bart de Smit of the Universiteit Leiden runs the project. Their joint paper is the main resource for this site.

Joost Batenburg wrote the C++ programs to manipulate the images (Step 1, 3, 5 of the Five steps)

Hans Richter made the redesign of the Escher's Malta landscape in Step 2.

Jacqueline Hofstra made the logarithmic greyscale picture which is the basis for all other pictures and animations.

Richard Groenewegen made the mathematical grid that models Escher's grid.

Lennert Buytenhek assisted with the use of ffmpeg to make the animations.

Martijn Feleus and Willem Jan Palenstijn set up the web server.

Web design and programming: Bart de Smit; last update April 7 2003.